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Child Arrangements Mediation

Many people ask – Who gets “custody” of the children?

There is no such thing as “custody” in English law. Both in Court and in mediation you as parents will be asked to explore the arrangements that you will put in place for your children because it’s your children’s right to see you both.

In mediation we work with you as parents to look at arrangements for your children. The arrangements may include the periods of time your children spend with each of you, arrangements for school holidays, holidays abroad, birthdays, celebration days and religious holidays. 

Sometimes these conversations are not easy to have and this is where mediation can help. 


We will talk to you about what is making arrangements difficult. Communication: the way you speak to each other, or text each other, can hinder arrangements, and new partners can bring changes to arrangements that worked well in the past.

Parents often think that a court order is the only way forward in resolving disagreements where you want different things for your children. Mediation has proven time and time again that this is simply not the case. We can help you and support you through those difficult conversations whilst keeping the focus on the wellbeing of your children.

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