Emma Bugg LLB (Hons) FMCA

St Albans & Hemel Hempstead

Emma has a calm, practical non- judgmental approach. As a family mediator Emma recognises that many people want to maintain control of the separation process and avoid the emotional and financial cost of going to court. Emma helps clients to agree parenting plans, and to sort out issues about housing and finances on separation.

Call me now on 07899 847707 or email me directly at emma@horizonmediation.co.uk

Emma is a highly experienced family mediator and lawyer. Emma has worked with separating families in the St Albans and Hemel Hempstead area for over 25 years; first as a Solicitor and as a mediator since 2010. Emma achieved the family mediation ‘gold standard’ with accreditation from the Family Mediation Council and Law Society in 2013. This means that Emma can conduct Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM) 

Emma starting her professional life after graduating in Law in the early 1990s, working as a specialist family solicitor, so she knows what your lawyers will be looking for in any mediated agreement. 

Emma is a member of the College of Mediators and is qualified to see children as part of the mediation process (CIM) and also works as a supervisor to other mediator colleagues as a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC.) Emma is also qualified in using an advanced hybrid mediation practice model, whereby the lawyers of separating couples can have a more direct and constructive role in the process. 

Emma works with separating couples, helping them to identify what really matters to the couple and how best to settle things in a fair and equitable way. Assets become more than just the bricks and mortar; they include future family relationships.

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What Emma’s Clients Say

“Hi Emma, I just wanted to send you a direct email to thank you so much for your help…. What the sessions gave the children and I ..were a few days reprieve from (husband’s) behaviour which was amazing.”

“I have spoken to my solicitor to advise her how great you are and if she sees anyone else in a similar situation to mine, to recommend they see you. If any future clients wish to have a review of your services, I am more than happy for you to forward my details to them.”

“I found Emma, very calm and fair in this process, as I was finding the whole situation very emotional experience. Since the mediation finished and our financial offer have been agreed upon, we have discussed our time in mediation and both have agreed it was the best way forward. My ex had been very resistant to this process and I had insisted it was the only way forward to us. For once he listened. He confessed that he had felt Emma was on my side at times and I corrected him to say I felt at times she was on my side but overall I had felt she was on his. So we have concluded that overall she actually was doing a very good job and the result is that we have an Financial Order. “

“Emma Bugg was professional with both us at all times, she remained impartial at all times and always listened at all times. She let both myself and my ex-partner make our decisions and overall it was an amicable experience 10/10″

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