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Mediation Information & Assessment Meetings

The team at Horizon Mediation are all qualified to hold Mediation Information & Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) so you can rest assured that you will be able to quickly get all the documentation required from us.

What is it a MIAM?

A MIAM is a individual meeting between each of the separating parties and their chosen accredited family mediator – a mediator who has the letters FMCA (Family Mediation Council Accredited) after their name.

Whether you want to try family mediation or take your family issues straight to Court, you will need to attend a MIAM with a Family Mediation Council accredited mediator.

There are very limited exceptions to this requirement.

What do you need to do?

Get in touch to fix an appointment for a meeting with one of the Horizon Mediation team. The meeting is just with you to begin with. The appointment will last about one hour, and all of us at Horizon are able to work via online meetings and face to face when appropriate.

What will happen in the meeting?

We will talk to you about your issues and what is going on for you. It will be a chance for you to get things off your chest and you’ll be able to talk about how you see things; what the issues are for you. 

We will talk to you about how family mediation works and give you an understanding of possible alternative ways to resolve your dispute other than going to Court.

It can sometimes be an opportunity for you to hear and start to think about the possibility of a different way of working with your ex., and a place where you can also talk about your concerns.

During the MIAM, we will talk to you about yours and your family’s safety; not all cases are suitable for mediation, and you can discuss how you see mediation working for you, set against any concerns you have.  We will be able to say if we think your case is not suitable for mediation, or if we are unwilling to mediate it.

You may decide, having attended the meeting, that you just want to go to Court and that’s fine, as FMC accredited mediators we can give you the forms the Court needs in order to issue your proceedings.

If you change your mind down the line and decide mediation is something you want to revisit, you can do so at any stage in the dispute resolution process. 

The forms issued by us are valid for 4 months only from the date of the MIAM.  [bit more detail about the forms?  dont they have special names/ids?]


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