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Using a Solicitor During Mediation


We would always recommend you obtain legal advice from a family solicitor as   part of the mediation process.  

When confronted with the prospect of separation and divorce you may need help. Quite often couples don’t know where to start down the difficult and emotional journey of separation and divorce.

You may want to understand what you’re legally entitled to, or what the Courts’ expectations are when making arrangements for your children, or you may want information about the process of divorce itself or a combination of all three.

It can be very helpful to obtain some initial advice from a family solicitor at the outset.

During mediation you may choose to keep your solicitor alongside you for support and guidance throughout the process. They can also be in the mediation sessions if you wish, or you may decide to dip in and out of legal advice, or not use it at all, the decisions are yours.

There will however come a stage in mediation when we will actively encourage you to seek advice because it is important when you are looking at possible options, that you each feel comfortable and confident in what you are proposing as a way forward. Solicitors can give you this support and advice.

Good legal advice will give you confidence in your decision making.

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